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Since 1979 Michael Coghlan has honed his unique ability to look across a business process and identify where the holes are. With a thorough understanding of business and the systems that support it, Michael developed his expertise across banking, telecommunications, information services, and the accounting industries. With particular concern for the usability of any system, Michael brings a common-sense approach to user interface design and quality assurance. Michael is a managing partner and Treasurer of Catwalk Consulting.
"I'm the business guy, always wanting to make sure the needs of the business are being met through the technology under consideration," Michael says. Rather than viewing the technology as an end, in and of itself, Michael views technology as a tool to make businesses run better. "Sometimes people get a little carried away with what their products can do. Our team tries to be the champion of the client and the end user, who have to use the tool every day."
The Bigger Picture
A husband and father of three, Michael rides horses competitively to blow off steam and free his mind. "To enjoy what life presents, you have to participate," says Michael. He's able to win over anyone with his wry smile.

Born and raised in Ireland, Michael brings his cross-cultural perspective to his work and life. "I love the intensity Americans bring to their work," Michael quips. "It fuels a tremendous amount of creative energy leading to some really unique solutions."