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Client Description

Collectibles Distributor

Business Problem/Opportunity
Anytime a new, hot technology came out, the company jumped on it. Management wanted to take advantage of advances in technology. "With technology purchases made over several years, they ended up with systems performing the same function built on different applications that didn't talk to one another, and didn't perform functions in the same way," says Tom Sellers, Catwalk managing partner. "It was a mess. It was getting impossible for anyone to know what they had in inventory using this jerry-rigged system."
Catwalk Action

The team looked at the entire tech environment and came up with a plan to address short-term and long-term infrastructure changes that would eliminate the disparities in the various systems they were using. Specifically the work plan outlined:

  • Creating front end interface so users would see the same input screens, regardless of the application running behind it;
  • Rewriting the entire system in Java to standardize similar functions;
  • Specifying change controls and processes to follow when the system needed adapting for new uses;
  • Creating a system that ensured changes were made cleanly throughout each of the company's databases;
  • Developing a testing infrastructure to verify the system was working accurately.


The blueprint is now in place to get the systems to support the business in a streamlined fashion. "The biggest challenge of any project like this is developing a solid work plan to follow," Tom says. "Once you have the plan well defined, implementation can flow naturally, and everyone understands what's happening at every stage of the process."
And then some…
The client had brought in many other consultants to address this complex problem with no success - that is, until Catwalk entered the picture. "I am really proud of the way our team worked methodically through the existing technology maze," said Tom. "Our plan gave the organization the key to future growth."