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Since 1989 Tom Sellers has taken his skills from systems design to project management, covering everything in between. Tom takes a strategic approach to solving client's needs, by looking at their plans for tomorrow as well as assessing their needs for today.
Tom has applied his extensive skills across a wide variety of industries, including automotive marketing database management, consumer-packaged goods, manufacturing, insurance and non-profit. Tom is a Managing Partner and Secretary of Catwalk Consulting.



"Companies going through change," is how Tom describes the typical Catwalk client. With expertise merging various systems into a new parent company, and designing new communications and data transfer infrastructures among various branches of a parent company, Tom and the Catwalk team help companies build systems that can adapt.

"We not only like to develop solutions that work today, but solutions that
are adaptable for tomorrow," says Tom. Tom considers the whole life-cycle of a system, anticipating evolving needs rather than building systems that will be obsolete in a couple of years. "It's easy to see how frustrated business managers get when a technology investment they made two years ago simply won't meet their needs anymore. And now they have to go through an expensive conversion to a whole new system."
Looking for software and hardware solutions that have a good track record of innovation is a key element to meeting the changing business needs of Catwalk clients. "We ask clients, where do you see yourself in 5 years? Are there other
  businesses you expect to integrate?Are there new ways of reaching your customers that you're considering? Let's talk through your goals now so we can find a solution that will meet these evolving needs." Tom likes to be part of the strategic team that helps a client maximize their potential.
The Bigger Picture
A husband and father of three, Tom likes to step outside his technological strengths to help his young children develop. He looks at the future and sees a lot of coaching waiting for him, not just on the basketball court. "It's pretty amazing that my children, all our children, will be using technology in ways that we would not even be able to think about today. That's a rather exciting prospect."